Our machine inventory boasts a variety of sophisticated machines from CNC milling, CNC turning to CNC Lathe and Grinding which enables us to design and efficiently manufacture parts. With an array of the latest CNC lathes, these machines are capable of high accuracy engineering and high production capacity.

Our precision engineering CNC machines can successfully uphold tolerances up to 0.005 mm . Therefore, our technicians and design engineers can easily work with a number of different materials in order to manufacture prototypes, components etc. From metal to aluminum, WM-R CNC machines can work on just about any kind of material that you possible require for prototyping.

CNC Machining Center
  • Fanuc Robodrill OX-T21iEe

  • Fanuc Robodrill OX-T14iFe

  • Hyundai_Kia_VX380Ti

  • Haas_DT1

  • Brother_TC-31B

Machine Capacity Range:

Spindle RPM 10,000 to 15,000
ATC 14, 21, 26
Table Working Space Max 650 x 400mm
Accuracy ± 0.002mm

Capacity of Workpiece:

Mass 250kg
Feed Rate 1:30,000mm/min

List of CNC Machining Center

No Machine Brand Model Unit
1 Fanuc Robodrill X-T21iEe 1
2 Fanuc Robodrill X-T14iEe 7
3 Fanuc Robodrill X-T14iFe 4
4 Fanuc Robodrill X-T14iFb 1
5 Hyundai-Kia Machine VX380Ti 3
6 Hurco BMC 3017 1
7 Haas Machine DT 1 3
8 Brother TC-31B 7

CNC Milling Center

Index & Rotary Table

Yukiwa Index Table

Yukiwa Index Table


Can be loaded on
Fanuc Machine for 4-Axis Operation

Fanuc Indexing System

Fanuc Indexing System


Can be loaded on
Fanuc Machine for 4-Axis Operation


NC Rotary Table


Can be loaded for
Haas 5-Axis Operation


NC Rotary Table


Can be loaded for
Fanuc Robodrill 5-Axis Operation

CNC Turning Machine
  • okuma_soarer_L270_II

  • okuma_soarer_L270E_II

  • okuma_soarer_L270E-M

  • hyundai-wia_l210A

Machine Capacity Range:

Spindle RPM 3000 – 4500
ATC 12
Surface Ra 0.2 ~ 1.6
Maximum Travel 280 x 270 mm

Maximum Workpiece

Diameter Ø270 mm
Length 200-300 mm

List of CNC Turning Machine

No Machine Brand Model Unit
1 Okuma Soarer L270E-M Turn-Mill 1
2 Okuma Soarer L270-II 8
3 Okuma Soarer LCH-15H 3
4 Okuma Soarer LCH-15H 1
5 Okuma Soarer LB15 II 1
6 Okuma Soarer L390 II 1
7 Hyundai – WIA L210A/L210C 6

Additional Function on Okuma
L270E-M (Turn-Mill)

Milling Tool Holder
Axial 2 Cutter (5000RPM)
Radius 2 Cutter (5000RPM)